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ANNOUNCEMENT: Auto Worthiness Check for UniFi service
Posted by M680401 Support Team on 18 March 2014 10:43 PM


Dear Valued Partner,

We are pleased to announce the Auto Worthiness Checking (AWC) for UniFi service will be implemented in NOVA on 27th February 2014. The Auto Worthiness Checking is a policy to check on customer credit status based on customer level across products and services. Implementation of AWC shall prevent fraudulent subscriptions and non-worthy customers. The policy is applicable for customers from the Residential (R) and Business (S10, S20, S30, S40 & A10) segments. 

Criteria check:

a) Main indicator of checking is Primary ID (IC/Passport/BR number)

b) Any new subscription for TM existing customer with the following credit status shall be blocked from registration

    • Final Account – customer with outstanding bills more than RM0
    • Delinquent Account (Live Account)
    • TOS Blacklist (Acct Status = TOS, PPR, CORD, PFA)
    • Fraud /blacklisted from Fraud Mgmt System
    • Legal Action
    • Winding- up
    • Bankruptcy
    • Write-off

c) Customers with outstanding bills can proceed with registration once payment is made.

d) However, customers with Fraud status will be blocked during registration. If the customers insist for the service, Fraud team shall conduct investigation and customers status must be cleared before proceed with the service subscription.

e) Customers with multiple Billing Account (BA) will be considered as unworthy if one of the accounts is with unworthy credit status. Customer with unworthy status will not be able to submit order unless it has been approved by supervisor. Approver list as below:

                      i. TMpoint – Supervisor and above

                     ii. TMUC – Operation Manager and Team Manager

                    iii. TMSC – Team Leader and above

                    iv.  CSM State – Executive or Manager

More information will share on this deployment after this.

Thank you

Channel Development

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